Abseil down the Datania Waterfall in Da Lat


Located on Lang Biang Highlands – just a few hours driving from Ho Chi Minh City, Dalat is one of the most popular places in the Central Vietnam group tours.  It is a small city that was erected as a resort getaway for the French colonist by the government at that time. It offers the cooler temperature for people to escape from the scorching hot of southern Vietnam. The town itself provides both domestic and international tourist a wide range of fantastic destinations and activities which are top things to do in Central Vietnam tours. Besides the dreamy beauty of the city, Da Lat is also well known for its tons of activities for adventurous travelers to explore. Among those, abseiling down a beautiful waterfall in a fantastic forest in Da Lat is unquestionably an excellent choice for the summer holiday.


Abseiling down the waterfall

Datania Waterfalls

Datania Waterfalls in the Central Highlands of Vietnam is a perfect place for you and your friends to escape the hustle and bustle life of Da Lat and experience the adventure in a large number of Vietnam group tours.

Depending on which tours you have booked, you will go to the trail heads of the amazing waterfalls by van, car, or motorbike. Then you can easily find a cliff with the heights of 10 meters after hiking along a super rocky trail of the jungle paths and crossing some small streams. Moreover, your staff and tour guide will give you all the equipment, ropes, helmets and life jackets; tell you the instructions carefully on how to abseil down the cliff, how to control the cables and how to handle if you are not in the right position before they come to rescue. You will have a chance to play there for a couple of hours as getting used to the water before you continue to move to another cliff above a river. It is about 15 meters high and suitable to abseil down and freshly jump into the clean water. Moreover, you can even have an excellent opportunity to experience the water slide though it sounds a little crazy. You can slide down into a pool with two options: head-first or feet-first as many times as you want. The rocks are a little bit bumpy but so slippery so that tourists can go down nature and unique slide with a splash.


Challenge yourself

After that, it will take you only a few minutes to walk to the heart of the Datanla Waterfalls, a 25-meter-waterfall as well as the highlight of the group tour to Central Vietnam. Everything is perfect there. The forest is really quiet, the air and water are fresh and clean. And in particular, the cascade is terrific. The free-flowing of the water makes the canyoning much more challenging than the activities you might take part in a few hours ago. You may find it nervous when almost jumping down that large and tall cliff. To make your journey more exciting, you might decide to let go of the rope and reward yourself a three-meter free jump into the water instead of abseiling all the way down the waterfall. However, believe me, that thing worth a try.

In addition, there is also the “washing machine” which is called the last challenge of the Central Vietnam group tours. While abseiling from the cliff into the cascade, you will be spun around and around until getting back into the stream. Do not be afraid, and you can make it with a bright smile. Eventually, it will take you about 30 minutes to get out of the forest and find the car which is waiting to drive you back to your hostel.


The “washing machine”

Datania Waterfall is one of the must-visit destinations when you visit Da Lat in your Central Vietnam group tours with your friends and family. It might be the thrilling experience with the wilderness, but it is definitely a perfect type of activity that you should try. Believe me, you will not be regretful when you have decision to join in conquering the waterfall.

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