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An unforgettable Dalat tour


Thanks to its pleasant and mild temperatures, fun shopping, great food, and uncountable interesting activities to participate in such as: mountain climbing, biking, hiking, trekking or simply enjoying the fresh and cool air to live a bit more slowly, a Dalat tour is a perfect several-day break from big hectic cities like Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi capital city.

Must-see destinations in a Dalat tour

1. Pongour Waterfall

If you have only enough time for one waterfall in your Dalat tour, there is no better choice than Pongour, where you can see the wide natural scenery created by an area of 2.5 hectares of virgin forests with a diversified floristic composition, ancient trees, and wild animals. Even though Pongour – the huge rocky chasm, towering terraced falls – is much loved and much visited by Vietnamese of all ages, here, you are still able to find your own space, almost free of tourist kitsch, to be overwhelmed by the majesty, which was recognized as “the greatest waterfall in Vietnam” about 60 years ago by Bao Dai King.

Pongour Waterfall

Pongour Waterfall (Source: Internet)

Do not expect any gaudy animal statues, cable cars or swan boats here. So, what to do at Pongour? Cool off while walking under and behind the cascades of a series of natural rocky ledges; compare the spectacular view from different angles on both sides of a bridge over the stream; the water itself is refreshing! Pongour Waterfall welcomes the largest number of travelers on the annual occasion of Mid-January festivity of the lunar months – the time of the atmosphere of the spring with spring festivities, folklore games, Gong performance, rice-cooking competition, Thai style dancing, etc. It will also give you a better understanding of Vietnamese culture and people.

2. Dalat Night Market

Consisting of 1,000 shops in a few multi-story buildings, Dalat’s night market is a great place to experience the pleasure of a cuisine discovery under the chilly air of the mountain town at night. It is exciting to enjoy really hot dishes such as boiled corns, baked potatoes, chicken wings and chicken thighs, grilled skewers and grilled squids while going around and seeing local people busy buying and selling.

Dalat night market

Dalat night market (Source: Internet)

3. Lang Biang Mountain

Only about 12 km far from the town center, Langbiang Mountain, which is composed of 3 peaks, is really famous for its gorgeous nature and picturesque view of the whole wide region of Dalat City, the rivers, the forest, and tribal people’s houses. In addition to being rewarded with a view worthy of the three-hour uphill slog, you can also take time to take part in so many interesting activities like visiting the ecological and entertainment tourist site named Hundred-year valley, going camping, bird-watching, admiring the postcard-like flora and discovering the simple yet unique lifestyle of many ethnic people as well as a lot of adventurous sports like mountain climbing, conquering mountain peaks, going trekking and paragliding. Other wonderful places to visit are Lieng Rowoa (Elephant Fall); Bao Dai Villa (villa of Bao Dai emperor, built in the early 20th century); Xuan Huong Lake; Prenn Fall; Ho Dankina – Suoi Vang (Dankina lake – Gold Stream); Truc Lam Pagoda; Thung lung Tinh Yêu (Love Valley); etc.

Lang Biang Mountain

Lang Biang Mountain (Source: Internet)

Dalat’s culinary specialties

Blessed with a cool central highland climate to grow everything including tropical vegetables and fruits, Dalat’s cuisine is all about fresh produce. dalattravelreviews recommend you some special dishes below.

1. Grilled rice paper with egg (Bánh tráng nướng)

Considered as Vietnamese pizza, banh trang kep, which is rice paper barbecued with many kinds of toppings: a mixture of egg, dried baby prawns, minced pork, sweet and spicy sauce and chopped green onions, is one of the most favorite street foods enthralls both residents and tourists in Dalat. Simple ingredients but extremely amazing taste, banh trang nuong is a dish to try in the cold air at night in Dalat.

Banh trang nuong

Banh trang nuong (Source: Internet)

Where to go for banh trang nuong:

•    Dalat night market

•    61 Nguyen Van Troi Street.

•    Mrs. Dinh at T-junction of Hoang Dieu Street and Tran Nhat Duat Street

•    Mrs. Hoa at 56 Thong Thien Hoc Street

2. Small round rice pancake (Bánh căn)

Made of rice with the spring onion as the filling and then grilled in little terracotta half dome molds, banh can wins the heart of any foodies looking for an unforgettable Dalat tour. With a quail egg inside, this inflated and crispy cake is served with a dipping sauce made from small fish or sometimes with meatballs and crackers on top.

Banh can

Banh can (Source: Internet)

Where to eat:

•    No 7 Tang Bat Ho Street.

•    A can cake stall in front of 62 Phan Dinh Phung Street

•    No 4 and no 22 Tang Bat Ho Street

3. Avocado ice cream (Kem bơ)

A perfect combination of fresh sweet white ice cream and soft greasy ground avocado with some dried coconut on top, this kind of ice cream tastes like heaven making it a popular dessert even on the coolest days. 

Where to eat:

•    Thanh Thao shop, at 76 Nguyen Van Troi Street.

•    Dalat night market.

A tour to Dalat – the city of thousands of flowers is a journey to visit a quiet but romantic city to feel like getting lost in Europe.

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