Cu Lan Village, a must-visit destination in Dalat


If you are planning to have a Dalat tour, why don’t you explore Cu Lan Village, a peaceful destination hidden beneath the beautiful valley? The followings will help you know more about this wonderful village.

Thanks to the harmonious and friendly lifestyle along with the charming nature Dalat is not only famous for the peaceful city but also for a number of new and attractive destinations. Located at the foot of the Lang Biang Mountain, and about 20 kilometers from the center of Dalat City, Cu Lan Village is Lac Duong Commune, Lam Dong Province. Cu Lan Village is next to the golden stream that makes it become an attractive place for those who would like to enjoy the peaceful space.


Another side of Cu Lan

Each relic, destination in Dalat almost relates to a story or legend, thus Cu Lan Village does, too. The name “Cu Lan” is associated with the story of the guy nicknamed “Cu Lan Guy”. He has a dream of picking up the stone to build a paradise in the middle of the forest to present his lover. The village’s name makes the tourists more curious to come and explore this simple, rustic, wild, and poetic village. This is a truly ideal place for a Dalat countryside tour.


A beautiful picture of Cu Lan

You can choose to visit the great village by car or motorbike through the Provincial Route 722, one of the most beautiful roads in Vietnam. It will take only about 30 minutes to go to the Lang Biang, then the Provincial Route 722, and then the An-Kroet Dam. However, the road to the Cu Lan Village is very dangerous with many winding tracks, travelers have to be careful to have a safe trip.

Visiting Cu Lan Village, tourists will experience the immense pine forest, the golden stream, the romantic silver stream, walk on the bridges hanging over the streams, watch the traditional stilt houses mixed with the green pines, and enjoy the fresh air, and cool mountain forest.


Many activities in Cu Lan

Besides, visitors will be enjoyed the exciting tourism activities such as climbing, cycling the terrain bicycle, join the other cultural ones, flying kites, riding the horse, and taste the traditional cuisines of the K’Ho people. This site preserves the unique traditional culture of the K’Ho ethnic people. Therefore, it is a really ideal place to enjoy a Dalat tour for family with the outdoor activities, and fun relaxation in Lam Dong after a stressful working day. Visiting Cu Lan Village brings you the feeling like back to the childhood.


Impressive scenery in Cu Lan

If you only pass through the village entrance, you may think that this place is not interesting. However, it is absolutely opposite when you go inside the village. You will be impressed by its great beauty at the first sight. The further you go inside the village, the more you fall in love with it. The peaceful atmosphere, the immense natural forest, and the friendly people all make you comfortable. The simple, rustic, and wild beauty, along with the green space brings you to a different world of nature.


Go through bridges to enter village

The road leading to the Cu Lan Village makes you an impression by the pine forest and the yellow daylily that is full of the way. Going to Cu Lan Village, you have to go through two bridges hanging over the romantic stream. The scenery of the two sides looks like a great picture of the artist. For many people, this is the perfect place to have the beautiful photos. Or if you want to experience the strong feelings, you can rent a jeep to ride through the stream for 100,000 VND per person.

The best time to visit Dalat is the period from November to March. At this time, the weather is dry and very comfortable, therefore; you can totally relax with the fresh air and explore a lot of fascinating natural places like Cu Lan Village.

The above is the amazing beauty of the Cu Lan Village that you cannot miss to explore when getting a Dalat tour. Cu Lan Village absolutely gives you a great feeling of a peaceful and rustic destination. Now, let’s explore this wonderful place immediately to have a nice trip with your family and friends.

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