Dalat Tour – Best Tour in Vietnam for family


Dalat was discovered by the French during their southward invasion and soon became the playground of Europeans. Featuring pine forests, hills, lakes, high peaks, Dalat offers a great escape for city folks. This place is also a perfect destination for a family retreat.

Below, dalattravelreviews will provide you some useful information to help you better plan for your upcoming trip to Dalat with your family.

Dalat Tour – Best Tour in Vietnam for family 

Dalat in the morning

Dalat in early morning mist

When to travel to Dalat

Located in the South Central Highlands, Dalat features subtropical highland climate with the mild and pleasant weather during the day and cold temperature at night. There are two main seasons: the rainy season from May to October and the dry season from November to April. In general, tourists can visit Dalat anytime of the year since the weather is mostly enjoyable. However, during the rainy season, there are chances of landslides, therefore one should be in caution to visit Dalat at this time of the year.  

Getting to and around

Dalat is a small-sized city. Therefore most parts of the city are accessible by foot. If you want to visit places outside of town, Xe Om and Taxi are available with affordable price, especially if you go by groups. If you travel by taxi, remember to check the meter to make sure that you pay the right amount of money.

Local buses in Dalat stop close to every main tourist sites. Find the bus stop by the lake or head to Khu Hoa Binh street to catch the bus. The last bus is at 5 p.m

The most convenient way is to travel by motorbike. Motorbike rental is common in Dalat, and you can find plenty rental places around Dalat Market. The cost for one motorbike per day is around 180.000 VND plus fuel cost. Some hotels provide motorbike rental and sometimes supply them for free. For a family group travel, you can consider car hire. The price is varied. Therefore you must consider the price and check the car carefully before renting.

Things to do in Dalat

Linh Phuoc Pagoda

Linh Phuoc Pagoda

Linh Phuoc Pagoda at first glance

Linh Phuoc Pagoda is located  8 kilometers away from Dalat city center in Trai Mat District. Constructed in 1949 by the French and completed in 1952, Linh Phuoc Pagoda, locally known as Chua Ve Chai, is one of the unique pagodas in Vietnam with many national records. The pagoda consists of 3 main parts. Two parts above the ground are covered in colorful mosaic pieces of discharged pottery and glass. The cover is so detailed and codified that often causes the wow effect to tourists. The 3rd part is below the ground called Am Phu Pagoda (Hell Pagoda). Chua Am Phu is a creative artwork to represent the image of Hell in Vietnamese culture. Children under ten years old should not go alone without parental guidance. Some scenes are not suitable for children so parents should be concerned to let their kids visit without prior checking.

Dalat Architecture

Even though Dalat was no longer the French’s retreat location, its western housing style remains. Dalat Railway Station is one of the finest examples. It took six years for this station to build in an attempt of turning Dalat into a paradise in Indochina. During the Vietnam War, the train station was the target of bombs and destruction. It was until 1975, the railways were back into use but only for tourism purpose. Tourists can revive the life during colonial time by taking the slow train for 30 minutes from Dalat to Linh Phuoc Pagoda.

Old style train in Dalat

Old style trains are one of the most interesting attractions in Dalat

Another remaining European style in Dalat is the French Quarter. The whole area is packed with French old villas and summer houses that causes an impression of a small Paris. Because of the unique colonial architecture, Dalat is considered the top destination must-see in Vietnam.

Dalat Coffee Plantation

A Dalat Coffee Plantation will be the best educational tour for your family in Dalat. Since Vietnam is the second largest coffee producer in the world, coffee has become a social drink for many Vietnamese people. Isn’t it wonderful to get in touch with how coffee is grown and made? Most of the coffee plantation is in the countryside so it’ll be a real retreat for the whole family. Most coffee plantation places offer visitors a tour around their growing and producing areas then tourists can choose to stay and enjoy coffee or go home. Many local tour operators offer this tour with a price of 600.000 VND to 800.000 VND. 


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