Di Linh Plateau and 5 places to visit in Vietnam day tours


Whenever Dalat City is introduced to tourists in Vietnam day tours, Di Linh seems to be forgotten. It is a town located on Di Linh plateau in Lam Dong Province. The spot was named after the person who founded the town – Djiring. There are 5 most attractive destinations of the plateau that all tourists should visit once.

Bobla Waterfall


Bobla waterfall

This waterfall is the favorite destination of thousands of tourists in Vietnam tailor-made tours. It is located in Lien Dam Commune of Di Linh Town and about 50 kilometers far from Dalat City. From Highway 20, you will need to drive only about 300 meters to get to the waterfall.

In the Koho’s language, bobla means “an elephant’s head.” This was originally from the flow of the waterfall, which is extremely powerful and falls straight down from upstream. You will have a chance to see the white tone of the water stand out in the deep green background of the forest.

Under the waterfall, there is a small lake where you can swim in. In case you want to have more intense experiences, you can join in the leisure games within the Bobla tourist area. It will be an unforgettable memory.

Kala Dam


Kala dam

A dam does not sound so potential to be a tourist spot. Nevertheless, Kala Dam can change that preconception. It is a giant hydroelectric structure of Di Linh Plateau and also a little-known destination of Lam Dong Province.

The best time to come here is in the twilight when the sun is less fierce. You can sit inside an observatory and contemplate the magnificence of the dam on above. Under the gentle sunbeams, the Kala Lake looks like an enormous mirror decorated by the green pine forests.

And when the sun comes down, the dam changes from glorious into fanciful. The sunlight turns from deep yellow into the red as well, which gorgeously takes over the entire horizon. You will definitely have wonderful pictures while visiting Kala Dam.

Linh Thang Pagoda


Linh Thang pagoda

Another place of interest in Vietnam family packages in Di Linh Plateau is Linh Thang Pagoda. It was formerly a monastery established over 80 years ago by Huynh Duyen Quy and Truong Quang Tham. In 1958, Thich Chanh Truc Zen Master reconstructed it and welcomed Buddhists to visit the pagoda.

Today, Linh Thang Pagoda is the head-quarter of the Di Linh Buddhism Representative Committee. Having been founded for nearly one century, the pagoda is a religious symbol of the whole Lam Dong Province. You will be able to see the vivid architecture and enjoy a good time in the fresh atmosphere of Linh Thang Pagoda.

Furthermore, all travelers can spend time observing hundreds of big and small statues here. They are made from precious types of wood, which are already over 500 years old.

Li Liang Waterfall


Li Liang waterfall

Li Liang Waterfall is one of the most popular rapids in Di Linh Plateau. It is about 12 kilometers far from Di Linh Town. To get to the waterfall, you can follow Highway 28 approximately 13 kilometers.

The name Li Liang was called by the Koho and had been kept until today. Comparing to Bobla Waterfall, Li Liang is much milder. Although it is relatively long, its flow is gentle and wavy. The reason for this is a countless number of rocks located under the water. They lie next to one another, creating a curving current of the waterfall.

That is why Bobla Waterfall is usually compared to a strong and mighty animal while Li Liang is said to be a graceful girl combing her hair. This waterfall is a perfect destination for you to have a lazy day.

Spectacular mountain passes


A mountain pass

For those who seek adventures, they will love the intense feelings of riding along mountain passes. On the east side of Di Linh Town, where the jungles take place, there are crooked but splendorous mountain passes. They are the roads built by the French over one century ago. If you want to visit it, you can book tours from Vietnam travel agencies.

But in case you are confident in your driving capability, you can rent a motorcycle and take a tour yourself. It will be a fascinating challenge. Moreover, the natural scenery along the mountain passes is incredible. On one side, you will see the greenish-blue color of Di Linh Plateau. And on the other side, a valley full of blossoms will appear.

In the season of wild sunflower, the valley is embellished by a yellow tone, which is massively spectacular. Mountain passes will probably leave the best impression about Vietnam day tours on your mind.

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