Explore Con Ga Cathedral in Dalat


Dalat is a beautiful city with immense flower fields, ancient architectures, green pine forest, and many other romantic tourist sites. One of many attractive cultural tourist destinations for a Da lat tour is Con Ga Cathedral (Cock Cathedral). Visit this church and enjoy an interesting Dalat family tour.


The Dalat Cathedral is also known as the Rooster Cathedral because there is a big statue of a rooster on the rooftop of the bell tower. This church is one of the must-see destinations in Dalat. It’s also the biggest and oldest cathedral built by the French in Dalat.


[Dalat Cathedral]

History of Con Ga Cathedral

Dalat Cathedral has been witnessed throughout the history of foundation and development of Dalat city. The Catholic priest Robert and the doctor Alexandre Yersin explored Dalat in 1893. In 1917, the priest managing MEP in Eastern-going Nicola Couveur came to Dalat to find a resorting place for priests and he built an academic institute for the believer, which nowadays is a part of the current parish house.


[Con Ga Cathedral in Dalat]

They began construction of Dalat Cathedral on July 19th, 1931by the bishopric Colombian Dreyer. It was designed by the priest Céleste Nicolas. After 11 years of construction, this cathedral was inaugurated in January 25th, 1942.

The name “Con Ga” Cathedral

This cathedral is named as “Con Ga” (Rooster) because there is a statue of a rooster placed in the top of the bell. There are many explanations why it’s named “Con Ga”. Someone said it’s because the rooster is the symbol of France. People who are conversant with prayers think they placed a rooster on the bell because of a statement of Jesus with his student Pétros. However, many people believe the rooster on the top of this cathedral arouses the advantage of the mind in people’s life, saves and awakens our soul.


[Bell Tower]

Mass time of Con Ga Cathedral

The mass time of Dalat Cathedral is flexible like other churches: 5h15 and 17h15 on weekdays and 5h30, 7h, 8h30 and 18h on Sunday. If you visit Dalat, you can come, pray for good things, and join in this cultural activities with local believers. If you are faithful, you needn’t worry about missing any prayers during your Dalat tour.

The beauty of Dalat Cathedral

Rooster Cathedral in Dalat is a must-see destination in your Dalat tour. It is the oldest architectural work in this beautiful city. Its classical beauty in the picturesque in Dalat will give you a deep impression about its architecture and uncommon monumental beauty on Langbiang Highland.


[Inside Cock Cathedral in Dalat]

On the top of the cathedral, there is a big rooster – the symbol of penitence according to the New Testament. It’s also an unforgettable highlight of this cathedral, which you can see from many different places in this city. The statue of the rooster is made from light alloy, the inner part is coated with a special chemical. This statue is placed on a spinning axis so that it can spin with the wind. Moreover, it has been working as a lightning rod to protect the cathedral over the years.


[Statue of Maria]

Dalat Cathedral holds many big events every year to serve the religious life of the local people. In addition, Roman architecture with big arching columns inside the cathedral is great attractions of this site. Rooster Cathedral in Dalat was built in Western architectural manners with the total area of 65m long and 14m wide in the shape of a cross. The highest point is the top of the 47-meter bell tower of the cathedral. This large construction was completed in 1942.

Another impressive highlight of this architecture is 70 colored glass panels – the feature of western cathedrals in the medieval time. These glass panels not only light up the interior but also work as decorations for the cathedral. Besides, every window has a round arch with the eaves roofed with slate tiles.


[Con Ga Cathedral]

The Rooster Cathedral is divided into three compartments, including a big compartment in the middle and two small ones on the two sides. This construction strictly follows the classical manner of the western cathedral, making it look more ancient and luxury. The bell tower rising highly on Dalat sky of this cathedral is constructed strictly in western manners with blocks and rafts combined properly. The main door face Langbiang Mountain.

These Dalat travel reviews have given you much interesting information about Con Ga Cathedral, which is not only the biggest cathedral in Dalat but also a symbol of this misty city. Remember to drop in and enjoy a romantic tour of this beautiful cathedral.

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