Four typical dishes in Da Lat are most easily found in Saigon


When comes to Saigon, it’s easy to remember the famous landmarks associated with this beautiful land such as Ben Thanh Market, Independence Palace, City Theater or Notre Dame Cathedral Road. On any street, you can also find sidewalk cafes with a myriad of tasty meals. There are snails, hu tiu, rice paper mixed, rice plate, salad rolls, baked rolls and so on. The dishes are simple but stick with the Saigon people for a long time

Now, Saigon cuisine is the crystallization of many delicious dishes, unique from many different cultures. The culinary culture blends between the East and the West, between modern and traditional, idyllic and still very attractive. Therefore, Saigon culinary tours are plentiful.

Bread – Vietnamese meatballs

The meatballs in Saigon has often reduced the size so a cup of up to 3 tablets, many places still retain the size of only 2 tablets. Soup is usually stewed from pork bone and chili powder. The deliciousness of the dish is measured by the softness of the meat, the taste of the broth and the bread must be crispy.

You do not forget to add the sour soup or add chili if you like spicy. Each meal cost an average of 25,000 VND. Tour to Vietnam you should try bread – Vietnamese meatballs which are special food in Vietnam food tour.


Vietnamese mini savory pancakes:

The cake is imported to Saigon with processing not too picky. This ake is molded with rice flour, easy to eat and guests have many options because the cake is varied with many types.


Vietnamese mini savory pancakes

Unlike Da Lat, many restaurants in Saigon also varied the sauce to attract customers. In addition to fish sauce garlic pepper has a sweet taste just right, the restaurant also made peanut juice refreshing for dishes. Thanks to the fat of the peanuts mixed with a little salty sweetness of fish sauce creates a highlight for the dish which you do not forget.

The hot cake just brought into the fish sauce and slowly put it into the mouth, you will smell the fragrance of the cake is subtle, you feel the crispness of the powder after ripening, the sweetness of the shrimp, meat mixed with fish sauce. This cake is do not mixed the other dish and one of the best food in Vietnam food tour.

Da Lat pizza

Almost all the Saigon youth enjoyed the “Dalat pizza”. The main ingredients are simple, including rice paper, eggs or quail eggs, reduce the scallions and dried shrimp. There are more tasty dishes such as a chicken tear, cow, cheese, sausage makes this dish more special. When you have a Saigon culinary tour, this dish is the best choice.

The price of a cake will vary depending on the type of kernel, the cheapest is five thousand dong. The most famous of these is Cao Thang Street, District 3. In addition, you can find this dish in the street Nguyen Hue, around the lake Tortoise or Nguyen Tri Phuong pavement Hung Vuong.

Pizza-Dalat-is quite-popular-in-Saigon-helloVietnam

Pizza Dalat is quite popular in Saigon

Besides that, you can easily find many other delicious dishes of Dalat which are in Saigon such as buttercream, etc

Dalat avocado cream

Dalat avocado cream has long been known as the dish has not eaten yet to Da Lat. The taste of butter combined with the sweet, coconut aromatic, durian has long made many people to “forget about the way home”.


Dalat avocado cream delicious visitors far and near

Buffet L’angfarm

L’angfarm Buffet is a chain of Dalat specialty seafood restaurants, priced at 90k / person, you can enjoy hundreds of dishes from the level, ice cream, fruit, etc … to the menu of salty items like rice noodles, etc


Grilled sausage

Da Lat is not lacking delicious noodles, attractive each store has its own characteristics, attracted to each other to enjoy the back you do not want to go back. Saigon is also grilled, just another not as strong taste as in Dalat. As for other things are not nail, nem marinated delicious, baked just enough cooked not burned, eaten with sour dishes and vegetables are very delicious.

Grilled sausage is one of the favorite dishes by the aroma, naturally sweet taste. Grilled sausage marinated with spices are absorbed in the meat skewers, eaten with raw vegetables, sour fruit, sweet and sour sauce create unforgettable taste, eat not bored.

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