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Journey To The Lang Biang – Da Lat Tour


Besides admiring the multicolored beauty of nature, tourists coming to Da Lat, Vietnam for the honeymoon tour will also have the opportunity to conquer Lang Biang mountain. One of the most famous tourist attractions ranked in the national landscape. Consisting of three peaks, Lang Biang mountain offers the miraculous symbol of creativity bestowed on this plateau.

Time for an adventure

The ideal time to travel to Da Lat in general and Langbiang Mountain, in particular, is in the spring – the season of brilliant flower bloomed, and the period between November and the end of the year. Since this term, it is the dry season with little rain, so it is suitable for climbing mountain and outdoor activities.


1. Lang Biang signboard.

Starting the mountaineering in the morning is highly recommended, tourists will be able to be active about the sightseeing time. By early departure, visitors can have plenty of time to tour around as you reach the top of the mountain and avoid getting rushed down due to an insufficient time before the sun goes down.


In order to conquer the beautiful Langbiang Mountain, the first requirement is to ensure that visitors do not have any health issue. Since climbing consumes a high level of fitness and energy, especially in the sunny weather.

Only bring the necessary equipment, comfortable cool clothing, and shoes with friction, high grip. Protecting the elbow and knee by using pads to ensure safety. Remember to bring water and field ration. In addition, a mobile phone, a lighter, a small pocket-knife, a walking stick are all indispensable parts of the trip.

The road to the peak

There are many ways tourists can conquer the grand Lang Biang Mountain. For those who do not have enough strength to move fast then it is possible to travel by jeep – a popular means of transportation here. Each turn takes 15 minutes. However, the road to the top of the mountain is quite bumpy, so the ride sometimes gives visitors a sense of adventure, this will also be a pretty interesting experience in Dalat tour for  family.


2. Jeep service.

For travelers who want to enjoy the fresh air and on the way sightseeing then try trekking – a type of trail climbing. In this form, tourists will walk along the trails, through crowns of the jungle and varied vegetation. In the wilderness setting, guest have the chance to listen to the birds singing, the murmuring of streams, and admire the bouquets of wildflowers blooming along the way, the feeling of relaxation will help you forget the fatigue of the journey.

Guests have two main options for climbing.

The Ra Da Hill

The route is asphalted, 6 km long. The trail is quite clear. Along the way, guests can see the distribution of plants varies with altitude. Tourists can walk or rent a jeep to get to the top. The average time to reach the peak of the hill: 1.5 – 2h if walking and 15 minutes if riding a jeep. From the top of the Radar hill, visitors can admire the Golden Stream and Silver Stream and panorama of Da Lat on high covering in the mist.

Mount Nui Ba road

This road is difficult to travel but the scenery and terrain are more diverse. Average time traveled from the foot to the top of the mountain is 3 hours and the return takes another 2 hours. This route can be split into two parts.

Explore the Lang Biang resort

Many people confuse Lang Biang as a mountain but when visiting here, tourists will be surprised by a beautiful Lang Biang tourist areas. There are many restaurants and cafes, flower gardens, amusement parks such as horseback riding, paragliding, umbrella rental, souvenir shops … at the top of the mountain.


3. Pine forest from the top of the mountain.

To experience and explore all the entertainment here, tourists can rent a hotel near the bottom of the mountain. This will save you a lot of time, as well as having more time to explore interesting sights.


4. Lang Biang – Da Lat.

Lang Biang is considered as a famous tourist area for picnic tourism, exploring nature, and cultural characteristics. It is also a popular destination for adventurous travelers with mountaineering programs and paragliding. At the foot of the mountain, Lang Biang has a full range of travel services: restaurants, souvenir shops, …

Things to keep in mind

To have the most complete range of Lang Biang excursions, please note the following:

  • Get used to recognize the peak of Lang Biang Mountain through topographic maps, and learn how to find directions. This is very helpful for you in climbing the trail.
  • Stay in a group when deciding to conquer the mountain by climbing.
  • Prepare some vital life skills such as jungle walking, seeking support, adjusting breathing, … to respond to surprised situations.

Langbiang Mountain is the place that cannot be missed in things to do in Dalat list of tourist when traveling Da Lat tour. It is an exciting activity that every visitor wants to experience at least once to marvel at the grand nature, to relax, and eradicate all the fatigue in daily life.


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