The top destination for the elderly


After hard-working days, nothing special than every member of the family get together to have a tour for family in Vietnam. Don’t hesitate to take Vietnam tour for family!

Some of the questions of traveling with family to Vietnam can be said that what are top destinations in Vietnam for family and where to go in Vietnam for elderly. Unlike the young, the elderly need a quiet place which is suitable for relaxation more than having fun. That is the reason why taking Vietnam tour for family meet any problem. However, this issue will be no more with these places below.

With the pleasant atmosphere, gentle pace, the following places suitable for the elders enjoy a comfortable life. Sites selected by US News & World Report (USA).

Nha Trang


Nha Trang with blue and sandy beach

An ideal place for an older person must be a place where they can have fun with friends, travel, exploring, not mentally or physically. With that criterion, they assessed the coastal city of Nha Trang as an attractive place for people reaching retirement age.

This seaside town has Ponagar Tower, Mineral Water, Institute of Oceanography, Long Son Pagoda, Bao Dai Palace, many other interesting and appropriate destinations is completely suitable for the elderly.

Da Nang



Named the “most livable city” in Vietnam, the positive points of Da Nang create the ideal living environment for the elderly. The beautiful green city with the beaches is considered the cleanest, safest and most attractive in Southeast Asia. At the moment of rapid development, this place still has a peaceful pace.

The roads are wide, the pavement is open for pedestrians, the Han River flows through the beautiful landscape. The climate here is mildly ideal, warm but not too hot with a gentle sea breeze. The quality of life is high but the cost of living is not expensive. From Danang, the older people easily travel to Hue, Hoi An ancient town, and My Son sanctuary.

Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc is known as a peaceful destination, which is considered as a wonderful jewel in the middle of the sea. Peaceful and quiet space with many beautiful beaches such as Sao beach, Ganh Dau beach, Long beach, Thom beach, etc. ideal for older people to relax on the sand.

Fresh seafood combined with beautiful rich cultural culinary will help meals here are always delicious. Visit Ham Ninh fishing village or the semi-open park from the end of 2015 will be unique to old life is not boring.



Hue is definitely the best choice for the elderly

The life of the people in Hue is like the Huong River, always slow, calm and deep. The landscape here in addition to the temples tombs have old houses, the tree shady paths feel relaxed. Perhaps, this is a comfortable place for older people.

On the day of listening to Thien Mu bell, enjoying the famous teacups, walking into the ruins of the city, sitting back to the ancient times in the historic land will be interesting experiences in the late afternoon. Besides, the Hue cuisine, though it is very meticulous, beautifully presented, quality and not heavy in quantity, it is quite suitable for the cuisine of the elderly.

Hoi An

Located in the extreme weather but Hoi An advantage of turning back to the sea so the climate is quite pleasant. The peaceful old town corner, Hoi An’s prominent features, will create a tranquility suitable for older people.

This place still retains the dear countryside but the living conditions are not lacking, the facilities are met, ensuring a comfortable life. The Japanese chose the Dien Ban area of Hoi An as a place to build a resort for the elderly. That proves that enjoying old age in this area is a right decision.

Da Lat

More than a century ago, Dr. Yersin discovered Dalat, an ideal resort. Since then, Dalat has maintained that title, which is always an attractive destination for many people. The climate is cool all year round, the romantic scenery of Da Lat creates the ideal space for the elders to relax and enjoy life.

Especially in the city of thousands of flowers, cool weather will be very suitable for the elderly. Walking in Xuan Huong Lake, to Truc Lam monastery worship, etc. are activities that are interesting and suitable for many older people.


Da Lat – the city of flower and pleasant atmosphere

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