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Want to have a romantic Vietnam tour for couples? Go to Dalat


Dalat is always a famous place if you are going to have Vietnam tour for couples.  It will be more wonderful when the gentle purple, romantic phoenix blossom in every corner of the city. Interesting, right?

We used to know the red flaming phoenix – the flowers of the summer, the flowers of school age. If in the southern provinces, in April, you can see the street began to “flame” because of the red phoenix flower, in Da Lat, from March to April, you can enjoy a wonderful time in one of the most romantic places in Vietnam thanks to famous purple phoenix.


Purple phoenix in Phu Dong road

Da Lat purple phoenix is the same as the red phoenix we often see except for the color of flowers. It is a gentle, light purple, which can bring a sense of security and peace to anyone at first sight. Around March to the end of April, when the weather is still cold, it is the season of purple phoenix. Those who have been to Da Lat in the purple flower season will fall in love with the beauty of this land. Therefore, if you are wondering where to go in Vietnam for couples, Dalat must be on your list.Dalat-in-April-hellovietnam

Dalat in April

It is known that about 55 years ago, an engineer specializing in flower research, Luong Van Sau, brought the seeds of the purple flowers from American to Dalat. The reason is that Vietnam does not have the bounty of birds feeding pollen to pollination. Engineer Luong Van Sau re-extract some branches from the purple trees alone. At that time, he was a member of the French Rose Commission. He brought the seeds of this flower planted in many roads in Dalat. Although many years have passed, people here still remember the first four phoenix trees in Da Lat. One is next to Xuan Huong Lake, one is in Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, the other two were planted in Da Lat Flower Park. In 1995, Dr. Ha Ngoc Mai brought purple phoenix seed from Australia to a nursery. Thanks to that, Da Lat purple flowers are about 3,000 trees “covered” many streets flower streets.


Purple Phoenix season is also the graduate time

The weather in Dalat in March is beautiful with warm sunshine and mist in the early morning. This is a beautiful season for those who want to enjoy the lovely moment in the misty city with blue sky. The average temperature ranges from 18 to 25 degrees. But in the midday, the weather is very sunny, you should wear hats and sunscreen before going outside.

Your most popular schedule is to drive Thanh Buoi or Phuong Trang from the night before to early morning. Coffee will schedule 8 schedules to go all the streets for your reference. Average 1 schedule (1 arcade) is 1/2 day (take 4-5 hours) to the proximity to save time. Depending on your preference pairing the supply back to the logical journey is fine. The reference you offline:

Central tourist destination – This schedule is near, easiest to go, you can even walk there. Including the following locations: City Square, Chicken Church, Pedagogical College. You can also visit night or early morning market if you want to buy fresh agricultural products.

When the last cherry blossom apricot disappears, leaving from the petals of the thyme to form small bunches of red grape vines like grapes, it is also the signal of spring has ended in the land of fog. When the summer comes, those who have the opportunity to visit this City of Mist to see the beautiful beauty of phoenix purple. Purple flowers with light purple color, flowers blossomed into the beam looks attractive. Purple flowers bloom along the sloping slopes of Da Lat, filled with small steps leading to the house quietly nestled. Purple phoenix color as the rejuvenation of the old tile roof of the city. This is also the opportunity for you to live slowly and love your partner more. The fast track of life, sometimes, make you forget about taking time to relax and love others. Visit Dalat to enjoy your tour for couples in Vietnam is definitely a great experience so that you can make your life become more meaningful.

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