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Why we all should learn how to grow strawberries in Da Lat?


Those growing up or living in an urban environment or a crowded and expensive city have a lot of real advantages such as a high appreciation for cultural offerings, potential vocabulary and conceptual skill development, and easy access to healthcare service, good education opportunities, nutrition, as well as other fundamental needs. However, there is one thing parents and children in the vibrant metropolis are missing out on.  It is the little presence of green spaces and nature biodiversity that encourages both the young and the old to interact with nature. As a result, not many children know where their food comes from.

Do you want them to have a chance to get closer to nature, take part in more outdoor activities, see a more rustic side to Vietnam, enjoy some lovely plant encounters, and have unforgettable hands-on experiences, don’t you? It will be a cornucopia of activities to expect on a Vietnam countryside tour.


A strawberry farm in Da Lat

Da Lat strawberry farms are kingdoms of knowledge and a magical place for little eyes and hands where your kids can experience the uncountable educational benefits. The farms, both greenhouses, and outdoor gardens, in the rural areas of Vietnam like Da Lat are not just agricultural lands, they are also where your kids can experience the impeccable landscape and sunshine, pick fresh strawberries on their own, and, most importantly, learn these skills that will never be taught at school.

Farming is such an educational experience, but most greenhouses and outdoor gardens in Da Lat only offer those on their Vietnam countryside tour an opportunity to pick and sink teeth into these fresh and juicy strawberries that are grown without plant growth stimulants. If you want to teach your little ones exactly where their food comes from, you have to ask these farm’s owners for a further favor. But there is no need to worry! Da Lat people are famous for their friendliness, warm welcome, and enthusiasm.

Why should children experience growing strawberries in Da Lat?


A chance to see how strawberries are grown in Da Lat

As it is such a one-of-a-kind hands-on experience. Tactile hand-on learning experiences are clearly more effective than the images and information in textbooks. Expect academic information, an attractive verbal presentation, and a lot of sensory opportunities! No matter what you are interested in and your backgrounds are, they will tell you all about the way they grow the smooth-skinned berries you’ve tried on your Vietnam food tour, the delicate process of sprouting strawberry seeds and germinating and sending up their first leaves, etc.

If you cannot grow these small delicious fruits in your home gardens for any reason, why not let your kids do that in this region with a temperate climate in Vietnam? Don’t forget to take group/family commemorative photos at a specific location, for example, with these local farm’s owners or beside a farm sign or these sweet berries.

When is the best time of year for you to experience growing strawberries in Da Lat?


A must-visit place on your Vietnam countryside tour

Most Vietnam local tour operators will tell you that Da Lat has two distinct seasons – wet season from July to October and dry season from November to June (of the following year) and the strawberry season is from November to April (of the next year). However, no matter when people go on their Vietnam family packages in Da Lat, thanks to the hydroponic method, you can visit the indoor greenhouse strawberry farms instead.

Best strawberry farms in Da Lat?

  • Biofresh Strawberry Farm – Than Tho Lake (Lake Of Sighs) Tourist Site;
  • Thao’s Strawberry Farm – No 162 Thanh Mau Street, Ward 7, Da Lat;
  • Hiep Luc Strawberry Farm: 144B Lam Vien, Ward 8, Da Lat (on the way to Chien Thang Lake) – Telephone: 0633755052 – 0933063480;
  • Nguyen Lam Thanh Strawberry Farm: No 46 Da Phu Street, Ward 7, Da Lat – Telephone: 0984858696;
  • Nguyen Thanh Trung Strawberry Farm: No 35 Ho Xuan Huong Street, Ward 9, Da Lat;
  • No 88 Strawberry Farm – No 88 Thanh Mau Street, Ward 7, Da Lat – Telephone: 0983615996.

A trip to Vietnamese rural areas where you can see a real live farm with incredible green space and interesting hands-on experience is not rare these days. Expect to have an unforgettable memory on your Vietnam countryside tour!

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